Rabo In India
Rabobank with its predominant focus on food and agriculture related sectors has identified India as a focus country and has been operating in India since 1998. Besides promoting the Fund, the Group operates as Rabobank International with its corporate headquarter located in Mumbai, wholly owned subsidiary, Rabo India Finance- a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and Rabo India Securities, the investment banking arm of the group and provide specialized products and services.

Rabobank Foundation, an independent organisation funded by Rabobank Group, donating a percentage of its annual profits, has been very active in India for the last six years. It has funded 100 projects with technical assistance, capacity building and soft loans and guarantees in the areas of microfinance, organic farming, farm produce aggregation and farmer cooperatives & producer unions.

Rabobank Group offers a wide array of products to its clients and based on its deep understanding of the global Food and Agriculture and its globally networked presence.

Visit@: www.rabobank.com/india
History: Rabo & India
1998- Started operation in India as a NBFC, Rabo India Finance
2004- Rabobank invests in Yes Bank Limited with 18% equity stake
2007- Robeco starts Mutual Fund business
2008- India Agri Business Fund launched
2010- Equity in Yes Bank reduced to 4.9%
2011- RBI grants banking license to Rabobank International