About Us
Rabo Equity Advisors Private Limited is a 51% Rabobank held company with the senior employees of the company owning the balance 49% shares with offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. Rabo Equity Advisors is an investment advisor for global private equity investment managers and is seeking roles to be Investment Manager for domestic Venture Capital/Private Equity Funds. At present it is the Investment Advisor to Rabo Equity Management Company Ltd, Mauritius (REMCO) which is currently the Investment Manager for two food and agribusiness sector focused Private Equity Funds seeking to deploy capital in India. Rabo Equity provides services for identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities, providing economic and market intelligence and advice for creating liquidity events.

The team at Rabo Equity Advisors brings together significant sector expertise and relationships that are essential for sector focused funds especially in food and agribusiness sectors (F&A) along with a cohesive set of experiences across strategic advisory, operations, fund management, structuring, M&A, capital markets, etc.

In order to provide a further edge to its portfolio companies in F&A sector, the Investment Team effectively leverages the power of Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory (FAR), its global food & agribusiness knowledge provider. FARís expertise and knowledge is key to Rabobank's understanding of the whole agricultural value chain, from primary outputs through to end products. FAR comprises a global team of seventy five analysts that have extensive in-depth knowledge of all the major F&A sectors worldwide. In Asia itself there are over twelve F&A specialists, four of whom are based in India.