About Rabobank
Rabobank was founded in 1898 is a Dutch based international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers retail banking, wholesale banking, private banking, leasing and real estate services. Food and agri was, is and always will be at the heart of its strategy.As a cooperative bank, Rabobank puts customers’ interests first in its services. It serves approximately 8.8 million clients globally with its presence in 40 countries and 403 foreign places of business with a staff strength of 51,859. As of December 31st 2015, Rabobank globally held assets worth Euro 670 billion. Rabobank is dedicated to being a leading customer centric cooperative bank in The Netherlands and a leading food and agri bank in the world.

Access to finance
We believe that sustainable partnerships in the food and agri value chain are key to guaranteeing food security in the future. We’ve serviced and supported our clients in these chains for many decades. And we will continue to service them, providing them with access to finance to develop and improve their businesses, enabling them to sustainably play their part in ensuring long-term food security.

Access to knowledge
Over the past 115 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge about the food chain worldwide. Knowledge we continue to expand through our frequent contacts with our clients and our dedicated in house food and agri research units, specialised bankers and our partnerships with knowledge centres worldwide. Knowledge that we share with our clients and other stakeholders to further develop their businesses and the food and agri sector.

Access to networks
Being a cooperative we firmly believe in the strength of working together, in the strength of networks. Our network extends all over the world, spans the entire food chain including influential stakeholders such as governments, knowledge centres and NGO’s. We actively bring partners and relevant stakeholders together and open up our networks whenever and wherever needed to accelerate business.

The strong financial results of 2015 provide us with an excellent footing to successfully continue along the chosen path. The net profit of Rabobank Group for 2015 amounted to EUR 2,214 million, an increase of 20% compared to 2014. Rabobank’s net profit by first half of 2016 is Euro 924 million.

Measured by Tier 1 capital, Rabobank Group is one of the world's largest financial institutions. All the rating agencies give Rabobank a high rating.

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About Rabo Private Equity:
Rabo Private Equity has been the captive private equity arm of the Rabobank Group since 2002. Taking advantage of its access to all the expertise of the Rabobank Group, especially in the Food & Agri sector, Rabo Private Equity serves companies by providing all forms of equity through its various specialised labels.

Rabo Private Equity invests in global Food & Agri private equity funds to support SMEs in the Food & Agri sector, helping Rabobank to realise its ambition to be a leading Food & Agri bank

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